Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gals Weekend in Tieton

My best gals Kate and Christa joined me for a weekend in Tieton. We floated the river, went tasting and completed a triathlon! Yahoo! 

Pre-race showing off. 

Post-race fatigue. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Alta mountain

This hike was a simple out and back. I think it was about 12-14 miles and a quick descent. You see Rachel lake, Rampart lakes and Lila lakes on the way. And climb to 6,500 feet. I would love to loop it in the future for an overnight. 

Panoramic views from the summit

PCT from Snoqualmie to Pete Lake

This adventure was big. And I forgot my food bag. And it was 100 degrees. And 28 miles is a long way without food. But I'm alive to write about it so there's that!

Pond lakes. 

Joe lake. I think. 

Cathedral Pass-Deception Pass Loop

I left my home late. Maybe 2pm. I always keep my overnight pack ready to go in the back of my car and decided to make use of it. The loop was about 25k and covered part of the PCT (which I'm section hiking). It was a nearly perfect day. 

The mosquitoes were ravenous. I saw a small doe about 6 feet off the trail. And many a marmot. 

I ended up completing the whole loop in 6 hrs and watched the sunset as I drove home. 

Cathedral Rock in all of her glory. 

Adventures. Always.

I'm going to make a solid attempt at updating this blog for a while.  I've successfully avoided social networking but miss sharing my adventures with my best gals. So here it goes. I'm going to update some of my recent outings and try to keep it up throughout the summer. 

I spent this outing listening to the Aziz Ansari audiobook "Modern Romance" and solving word puzzles. 

I felt lonely this trip despite being with my running buddy, George. Some days are harder than others. 

Watching the sunrise at Emerald Lake in the Necklace Valley. 

Said sunrise. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

So this is the deal...

As per usual, my life is weird, intermittently challenging and intermittently rewarding and always chaotic. It's been a rough go the last few years and I'm tired as hell of not doing exactly what I damn well please. I've decided to make use of this state of chaos and perhaps make the rewarding parts occur more frequently than the challenging parts.  Over the last month (or months or years), I've moved either closer or further away from you, physically, emotionally or geographically.  My current situation is a bit challenging right now but I look forward to where I'm headed (or at least feel like I have no choice but to move forward). 

Christeeny recently told me about an article she read about microadventures, committing to smaller, more feasible explorations close to home on even the most inconvenient days.  My schedule has always allowed for me to go big, weeks to months away exploring the world, with few financial concerns.  But my new life has different potential and different barriers.  Which is where Christeeny's article comes into play.

Also, I recently rewatched a short film that I saw at the Banff film festival (thank you, Christa!) and there's a line at the beginning of it that I've been replaying in my head as I come to grief the loss of my 18 days off every month: "I refuse to believe joy costs something...and that dreams can't come true on a Tuesday."

So here's what I'm asking of you, my closest friends, the best guys I know.  I need to microadventure.  I need to spend my inconvenient hours off in the woods, sometimes alone, sometimes with others.  I need to come back to the city and eat delicious Asian food and snuggle sweet babies (Kim Family, ya hear me?).  I need to go on late night adventures on the PCT (Get it, GeorgeGuy!) even if it doesn't make sense.  I need people to explore my new small town and support my decision to do something different, even if it isn't predictable or make sense.  I need to keep learning new things.

So this is the deal.  I might not get back to you or see you as much as I used to.  I might spend more time getting used to my new job and my new home.  And I also might email you and desperately beg you to meet me for trivia on a weeknight at Snoqualmie Pass or a facetime date with your dog (Kiko!!).  I might suggest inconvenient times to hang out, like early morning sunrises or late night drinks.  I would love if every time you drove over 90 you stopped by my work (Mariah, Jacob and Anna for the win!) and brought me decent food or drink.  And although it might not be a convenient time or like the way it used to be, I might really need a bit of support during this weird time in my life.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things I am thankful for...

I just came across this blog post titled "things I am thankful for".  It was empty.  I started it last year in hopes that I could come up with a few things to remind me of how great life can be.  Apparantly it was harder than I thought and I put it to rest... and I'm not sure I have a lot to add at this point either.  Things aren't easier.  In fact, somedays are just hard.

But one thing that's for certain...
1.) I have a few really lovely people in my life that I could never, ever live without.  And the best brother, sister-in-law and nephew in the whole universe.  And for that I am forever thankful.

One of my best gals sent me an email recently when I was having a rough go.  The subject line was "things I am interested in more than a number" referencing me being bummed after a run-in with her scale.  It was a list of 21 things that she found interesting about my life.  Even on the longest days and the hardest nights and when I am my very worst person...I'm still quite interesting.  So here's to being not just thankful for others but for being thankful for our own traits that carry us through during the darkest days.  Here's to being interesting.